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Solidity Consulting was created by Angel Reece, PhD. Angel chose the name Solidity because solidity means “a state of being firm or strong in structure” and “quality or substantial and reliable in character”. Organizationally and personally, this is what we help our clients achieve. This is not to say our clients do not have this quality. At times, we all need a subject matter expert, a trusted advisor or coach, and an outside perspective that can elevate us to the next level of performance. Solidity was formed to passionately help develop people and organizations moving them closer to achieving their fullest potential.

We have a passion for serving others. Solidity Consulting was created as an outlet to give back to others. We believe that “to whom much is given much is expected”. At Solidity we do this through giving back – giving 100% to our clients and to those in need. A minimum of 10% of all Solidity Consulting profit is given back to others who need support. The Solidity team also donates our time and expertise to those who need us but do not have the resources to financially compensate.

Mission and Vision

Solidity Consulting is a team of experts in leadership, talent, and organizational development. We provide professional consulting services to individuals, organizations, and communities.

The Solidity Team are trusted advisors and team members of the clients we serve. We share our expertise and support people, organizations, and communities in overcoming challenges that hinder growth. We selflessly give back and pour ourselves into the development of others helping them to achieve optimal performance.


Service: More than just great client service, service is a way of being for the Solidity Team. We serve with zest, perseverance, and humble confidence. We serve even when it’s hard.

Trust: We consistently behave in a manner that allows others to confidently trust us at all times and in all circumstances. We act with sincerity, honesty, and courage.

Stewardship: We believe in caring for all we have been entrusted with: relationships, talent, time, jobs, monetary, and physical treasures.

Personal Note from Founder

Angel Reece, Ph.D.
Chief  Consultant

This formation of Solidity Consulting and the work we do represents more to me than just a business. For me, Solidity Consulting represents overcoming challenges and obstacles and achieving a vision that at times along the way seemed improbable. It is a way to fulfill my purpose in life to serve others in a way that supports them in achieving their potential, both as individuals and as the collective. I believe when our values, our actions, our passions, and whole life is integrated and are aligned, the positive impact we can have in the lives of others, in our organizations, in our communities, and in the world, is limitless.

Having been through many trials, I also believe that we need others to help us gain clarity, identify blind spots, align our lives, and ultimately be the best version of ourselves. There are many people who supported me through my journey that enabled me along the way. This, coupled with my passion for developing others and giving back, was the reason Solidity Consulting was formed. My vision is to give my best by to the clients we serve – to serve the people and the organizations with sincerity, integrity, and courage. Ultimately, strengthening people and organizations to overcome any roadblocks they face.

In order to effectively develop those we serve, our team at Solidity Consulting has collectively over 75 years of professional experience and hold advanced degrees in behavioral and organizational science. We are performance-driven and visionary Leadership & Organizational Development Consultants with great success in leading talent and organizational development initiatives in both public, private, and nonprofit industries including the defense, healthcare, sales/marketing, and advanced manufacturing. We are recognized for driving human performance improvements and business strategies and solutions that have delivered positive, measurable business results. Solidity Consultants have extensive experience in leadership coaching, assessments and feedback, team development, designing, piloting and sustaining leadership development programs, and strategically planning and implementing cultural change initiatives.

The Solidity Team prides ourselves on the relationships we build and sustain, and our experience leading and developing a range of individuals and groups including executives, business and technical leaders, frontline employees, community board members and volunteers. We take our commitment to our clients and what they entrust us with very seriously.

To learn more about what we do, please give us a call or send us an email. We always invite a conversation.


Angel D. Reece, PhD