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Coaching is a collaborative partnership in which the coach serves to facilitate awareness and enhance effective job-related performance in a leader. The objectives of such a partnership include the development of self-awareness, overcoming self-limiting behaviors, enhancing one’s own motivation and effectiveness, development of greater interpersonal finesse, and enhancing motivation and effectiveness in subordinates (Meyer, 2005).

Solidity offers three types of coaching: Individual, Team, and Small Group.


Individual coaching is one-on-one coaching with just the leader and the coach. The process begins with leader engagement and rapport building, assessments, and feedback. After which the leader and coach will engage in multiple sessions to establish goals, identify potential obstacles, and track progress. These sessions will also serve as accountability checkpoints.


Team coaching is similar to individual coaching but instead of one-on-one the coach works with a small intact team. Team coaching is designed for a team that works together regularly to accomplish common goals. This process begins with team dynamic observation, situational appraisal and feedback. From that point, the coach will facilitate the development of team behavioral goals and expectations.

Small Group Coaching

Small group coaching is designed for members who belong to the same organization but may work in different areas. The process focuses on individual feedback and growth while exploring opportunities in which the cross-department collaboration could benefit the organization.