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Organizational Development

Solidity Consulting offers a wide range of services that are designed to help your organization better execute the mission and strategy and achieve your organizational goals. Whether your organization needs business strategy development, support with change initiatives, facilitation, or an organizational culture plan, we have the expertise to successfully serve your organization.

Leadership and Talent Development

Solidity Consulting offers a full range of development services that are designed to enhance the performance of your employees. Some of these include custom leadership development courses, individual and small group coaching, team development support, coaching skills for supervisors and employee advocates, transferrable skills training and many others. All our services are customized to ensure alignment with your organization’s strategic needs.

Team Development

Teams go through many stages of development. This process is not linear but can be cyclic in nature. Group dynamics play an important role in this process. This cycle and dynamic will often cause teams to stumble and not achieve the results they desire. Solidity Consulting designs interventions based on specific challenges your team is experiencing. We will walk with your team through the process and ultimately help your people achieve optimal performance.

Corporate University Development

A corporate university is an educational entity that exists internal to an organization. It is a strategic tool designed to assist in achieving the organizational mission by cultivating individual and organizational learning, knowledge, and growth. We provide expertise to organizations with the vision of creating a more systematic approach to developing talent. This is accomplished through jointly working with organizational leaders to develop and execute a plan which ensures the organization has a pool of qualified, highly skilled talent in the expertise areas necessary to sustain and grow the organization.