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Solidity Consulting offers a variety of workshops at the request of client organizations. Below are some of our most popular classes. In addition to the workshops offered below, we customize any leadership and organizational development topics specific to your organization’s needs. Please call or email us for special needs or circumstances.

Upcoming Workshops

Two Day Strategic Team Development

Date: TBD
See course description below.

One-on-One Leadership Coaching

Registration now open for Spring and Summer coaching sessions. Sessions begin March 15 and June 1, 2023. Registration is open until further notice. 

Cost: $2,750.00/participant

See course description below.

Leadership and Management Workshops

Leadership Challenge™

The Leadership Challenge model was developed by Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner over 30 years ago. The five practices of leadership are measurable, observable, and teachable leadership behaviors that are positively correlated with significant organizational outcomes including improved morale, organizational performance, innovation, and many others. Solidity Consulting offers a variety of programs designed around the Leadership Challenge ™ model aimed at creating sustainable behavior change that positively impacts organizational climate.

The Leadership Challenge™ Option 1:

  • Solidity will provide a one or two day session on any one of the five practices: Model the Way, Inspire a Shared Vision, Challenge the Process, Enable Others to Act, or Encourage the Heart.
  • This option is available with or without the LPI assessment.

This option is best for those who want to spend time honing skills in specific areas.


The Leadership Challenge™ Option 2:

  • Solidity will conduct a three day workshop with your team or group of employees.
  • Solidity will administer the LPI 360 assessment and feedback will be provided during the three day session.

This option is best for those wanting to improve performance in each of the five practices.


The Leadership Challenge™ Option 3:

  • Solidity will work with your team over a six month period. Each of the five practices will be fully explored, practiced, and applied to real organizational challenges.
  • Solidity will conduct LPI assessments with each member of your leadership team.
  • Solidity will provide six individual feedback and coaching sessions with each team member. The coaching sessions will occur between each workshop.
  • Solidity will conduct a one to two day workshop for each practice.

Workshop Layout:

  • 2-hour Introduction
  • LPI Administration/Feedback
  • 2-day LPI Deep Dive and Begin Model the Way
  • 1-day Model the Way
  • 2-day Inspire a Shared Vision
  • 1-day Challenge the Process
  • 2-day Enable Others to Act
  • 1-day Encourage the Heart and Celebration

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Impactful Leadership: Results-driven experience for rising organizational leaders

Impactful leadership is a three-day project based workshop designed for upcoming leaders in the organization. During the first two days of the workshop leaders will work on understanding themselves and their competencies as leaders. This will be done using a leadership assessment tool which participants will take prior to the workshop. The assessment will help participants understand their strengths and areas to develop. Topics such as self-management, organizational capabilities, team building, problem solving, and sustaining the vision will be examined.

At the end of the first two-day workshop, organizational leaders will assign participants a challenge based project. The leaders will set the scope and boundaries of the project. During a three-week period, participants will research and develop a proposal to resolve the challenge. Participants will reconvene with organizational leaders on the third workshop day and present their proposed solutions.

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Power of Introverted Leadership

Leadership roles have often been associated with those who are the most charismatic, vocal, and/or extroverted. This leaves many untapped skillsets in the organization. Introverts have many leadership strengths and this is a power that should be harnessed.

Solidity Consulting offers a two-day workshop on how to harness the power of introverted leadership. This workshop is designed for introverted and extroverted leaders alike and will allow for each participant to identify their own style. Extroverts will learn more about introverted leadership and how to work more effectively with those who are introverts. Introverts will learn how to leverage their own introverted tendencies while working more effectively with extroverts, who may sometimes drive them crazy.

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Understanding Your Leadership Motivation

Developing ourselves as leaders is a never-ending process. Sometimes finding the next steps to this growth can be challenging. We are often not sure what will help us or our team move to the next level of performance. The Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation™ (FIRO) assessment can help you take your own performance as well as your team’s performance to the next level.

Solidity Consulting will conduct a one-day workshop with leaders in your organization utilizing the FIRO™. This course will help people understand their own motivations and how this influences their relationships with others including how they manage conflict, how to they can build a stronger team, and have more meaningful relationships.

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Leadership Practice Inventory™

The Leadership Practice Inventory™ (LPI) is a multi-rater feedback tool developed by Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner. The LPI measures behaviors that align to the five practices identified in The Leadership Challenge™ model. The LPI is a highly valid and reliable instrument for measuring leadership behaviors. The five practices of The Leadership Challenge™ model, as measured by the LPI, have been positively correlated with organizational outcomes such as increased employee morale, higher sales results, innovation, organizational performance, and the list goes on.  Solidity Consulting offers a variety of LPI workshops focused on developing leaders and teams in your organization.  Below are some of our most popular options.

Leadership Practice Inventory™ Basic:

  • Solidity will conduct LPI assessments with each member of your leadership team.
  • Solidity will provide individual feedback and coaching sessions with each team member.


Leadership Practice Inventory™ Advantage:

  • Solidity will conduct LPI assessments with each member of your leadership team.
  • Solidity will provide individual feedback and coaching sessions with each team member.
  • Solidity will facilitate a half day or full day LPI session with the participating leadership team.


Leadership Practice Inventory™ Accelerate:

  • Solidity will conduct LPI assessments with each member of your leadership team.
  • Solidity will provide individual feedback and coaching sessions with each team member.
  • Solidity will conduct a two day offsite LPI™  team experience  for your leadership team.  This experience will include an overnight stay, an evening session, six hours of experiential learning, and collaborative leadership action planning.

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My Future as a Supervisor: Is management the right path for me?

This is a three-day course designed to help potential supervisors and managers discover if leading others in a formal capacity is the career path for them. Participants will come to understand the role of a supervisor including time management, delegation, team building, difference between managing and leading, conflict resolution, human resource and EEO practices, and administrative responsibilities.

The first two days will focus providing participants with skills for leading others including a personal self-assessment tool. Participants will then be assigned a project to complete internal to the organization. The project will include a job shadow with an experienced supervisor as well as targeted research topics. Participants will have 2-3 weeks to complete their assignments. After which, participants will reconvene for the third day of the workshop. The project teams will present their findings to the class.

This workshop requires close collaboration with the supporting organizations.

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Finding Your Leadership Strengths

As we continue to develop ourselves as leaders, it is important to explore various tools to help us become more self-aware. The California Psychological Inventory 260 (CPI 260™) is a validated and reliable self-assessment instrument that provides valuable insight into a leader’s interpersonal style, values, motivation, strengths and blind spots. The CPI 260™ is stunningly accurate and describes leader as the world views them.

Solidity Consulting will conduct a one-day workshop with leaders in your organization utilizing the CPI 260™. Prior to the workshop, leaders will take the CPI 260™. During the one-day workshop leaders will explore their results and what that means to their leadership role and environment.

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One-on-One Coaching

Individual coaching is a one-on-one, confidential process with only the leader and the coach present. The initial process includes engagement and rapport building, leadership assessments, and feedback. After which, the leader and coach will engage in multiple sessions to establish goals, identify potential obstacles, and track progress. These sessions will also serve as accountability checkpoints. Below is a step by step process of what can be expected.

  1. Leader and Coach meet to determine compatibility, discuss purpose, and expectations of coaching.
  2. Leader and Coach engage in the assessment process. During this phase the leader will meet with the coach to discuss the process for successfully engaging in a multi-rater feedback assessment and a self-evaluation leadership assessment. The assessment process will require individualized work. The process will take approximately 3 weeks to complete.
  3. Assessment Feedback. Once the assessments are complete, the leader and coach will meet to review the results. Feedback will be provided in a candid, constructive manner allowing for increased self-awareness for the leader.
  4. Action Planning. After the feedback process, the leader creates a results-oriented action plan for positive change, with guidance from the coach.
  5. Accountability Coaching. During this phase of coaching, the action plans are implemented with support and accountability from the coach. This may include positive encouragement and at other times may include challenging the leader’s actions and behaviors.

The coaching process requires a minimum of seven sessions between the coach and leader. One session each for Steps 1-4, and three sessions for Step 5.


1 participant

Cost: $2,750.00**

Cost includes seven, 30-60-minute sessions, two leadership assessments, participant materials, and meeting space.

If more coaching sessions outside of the minimum are preferred, please call for additional pricing.

Team Workshops

Strategic Team Development

The Strategic Team Development workshop is designed to help create a cohesive team within your organization. Throughout these session(s), we will focus on gaining clarity regarding what is most important for the future of the organization and the department served. To most effectively achieve desired results for the organization, the guiding team must have directional clarity, demonstrate a unified front, and be committed to each other and the vision and values of the organization.

There are multiple versions of this workshop, depending on the needs of participants and the organization. This workshop is conducted in a one, two, or four-day format. The one- and two-day format are designed as booster sessions for teams and participants who have previously done team development efforts either in the four day workshop (described below) or in a similar, concentrated effort.

The four-day workshop consists of a total of 32 contact hours. First, a two-day session will be conducted. The purpose of this session is to begin building a cohesive team through identifying key interaction styles and areas of potential conflict, assessing trust and accountability perceptions, and determining opportunities for improved communication and productivity.

Following the two-day session, Solidity Consulting will conduct four, half-day sessions (or two one day sessions); one session occurring approximately every four to six weeks. The purpose of these sessions is to continue team development by working through real organizational issues. These sessions are designed to gain, communicate, and reinforce clarity regarding organizational values, capabilities, and opportunities.

The one- and two-day versions of this workshop focus on team development, clarity and alignment, and progress and performance evaluation.

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What's Your Style

We all desire to be understood, especially in the organization from which we serve. In addition, helping our employees to understand one another and to value differences, particularly if part of a functional team, can be beneficial to organizations. Unnecessary conflict can be reduced and overall higher performance can be achieved if we understand the values, perspective and the preferences of others.

Solidity offers a two-day course designed to help teams and individual employees better understand the natural tendencies of those they work with. Utilizing the Myers Brigg Type Indicator™ (MBTI™), this workshop will help participants gain understanding of themselves, how they get their energy and process their environment, as well as that of their teammates.

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Conflict Resolution Workshops

The Basics of Conflict Resolution

The Basics of Conflict Resolutions is one-day interactive course, designed to introduce learners to the fundamentals of conflict resolution. During the one-day course learners will:

  • Explore different ways in which individuals approach conflict.
  • Assess themselves to understand their mode of resolving conflict.
  • Practice utilizing the different modes of conflict resolution.
  • Develop a plan of action for improving their conflict resolution skills.

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Difficult Discussions

Conflict is inevitable in life and in business. If handled skillfully, conflict can enhance organizational effectiveness and strengthen relationships. Difficult Discussions is designed to provide your team the skills needed to successfully navigate through tough conversations. Your team will develop the skills necessary to approach these types of conversations with confidence instead of avoidance.

Difficult Discussions is a two to three-day workshop. Participants will learn to:

  • Identify the need to have a difficult discussion.
  • Use language that aligns those involved instead of dividing them.
  • Focus on facts and address common interests.
  • Use appropriate questions to explore other’s perspective.
  • Create psychological safety.
  • Conduct follow up conversations in a way that builds rapport.
  • Apply lessons learned to real organizational examples.

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Advanced Conflict Skills for Leaders

Advanced Conflict Skills for Leaders is a two to three-day workshop designed for leaders and managers who aspire to approach conflict in a more meaningful way thus turning conflict into opportunities for growth. This workshop explores the different roles leaders play in resolving conflict, how to use specific tools to solve deep-rooted organizational issues, and ways to create a healthier organization through how we approach conflict.

Solidity offers a Difficult Discussions workshop that is recommended (but not required) as a prerequisite.

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Decision Making Workshops

Strategic Judgment

Research shows that those who thrive in organizational climates today must perform certain behaviors well. Demonstrating effective judgement and decision making are among the behaviors from which leaders need to perform well.  Without a process and framework for making judgment calls and decisions, leaders are likely to stay in their comfort zone, handling each situation the same as the last—even if the context and situation is completely different.  This Strategic Judgement and Decision-Making workshop will provide leaders a foundation for improving their judgement calls and decision-making process.

Strategic Judgement & Decision Making is a two-day workshop. Participants will:

  • Practice solving strategic issues utilizing decision making and judgment principles.
  • Use framing steps when making decisions.
  • Practice utilizing different perspectives when making decisions.
  • Explore effective recovery from judgment mistakes.
  • Develop a Teachable Point of View to help others make better judgments.
  • Build good judgment processes for self and/or team.

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An Introduction to Business Decision Making

Introduction to Business Decision Making is a two-hour interactive discussion designed to familiarize learners with business decision-making models and explore how they are applied in real world situations. This discussion will introduce the learner to basic decision-making tools, problem framing, team roles and overall performance as it relates to decision making.  This workshop serves as a primer and a starting point for further individual learning and future coursework on this topical area.

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Creating a Learning Organization Workshops

Train the Trainer

At Solidity, we have a passion for teaching others to teach. We have designed a highly interactive five day train the trainer course that will aid in the development of competent, dynamic trainers in your organization. The training is designed to be a 3-2 model (three sequential days of instruction, followed by two days of practical application).

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Apply adult learning concepts and develop supportive climates.
  • Use training activities and alternatives to lecture, strategize for different learning needs, and create effective questioning techniques.
  • Prepare properly for a training session, and prepare participants to foster learning.
  • Lead and encourage participants of all backgrounds and learning styles.
  • Address challenging participants and behaviors.
  • Practice giving and receiving feedback.
  • Present and facilitate a training program, including use of learning aids.

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Enhancing Performance Through Coaching

Coaching is a collaborative partnership in which the coach serves to facilitate self -awareness and enhance performance of an individual. It involves helping others succeed through guiding, teaching, motivating, and mentoring. A coach supports others in expanding and applying his or her skills, knowledge, and abilities. Any employee can benefit from improved coaching skills. This type of skill set will enhance peer to peer development, team development, mentoring, and leadership abilities. Solidity offers a variety of programs designed to improve coaching abilities of employees in any role in the organization. Below are two of the more common programs.

Basic Coaching Skills Development:

Solidity will conduct a one-day course designed to improve basic coaching skills of any employee. This course is designed for anyone who wants to improve basic knowledge of coaching skills and learn techniques for helping others develop.

In this program, participants will:

  • Define coaching.
  • Explore opportunities to coach and mentor.
  • Describe importance of self-awareness when coaching and mentoring.
  • Apply ways to build trust and rapport.
  • Practice the use of dialogue.
  • Apply the techniques for asking questions that promote growth and moves through resistance.


Coaching Skills for Managers and Employee Advocates:

Solidity will conduct a two-day course designed to improve coaching skills of any employee in management, employee advocate, and leadership (formal or informal) positions.

In this program, participants will:

  • Explore value of coaching and mentoring in leader’s role.
  • Learn how and when to coach and when to mentor.
  • Examine how our own personalities affect coaching and mentoring effectiveness.
  • Apply ways to build trust and rapport
  • Practice use of dialogue
  • Apply the techniques for asking questions that promote growth and moves through resistance.
  • Employ performance model for supporting growth of others.

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Living Core Values

Value-based organizations create a culture of living their core values in everything they do with every employee. They are guiding principles for everything we do in an organization, including how we make decisions, how we treat one another, and how we treat our customers. Too frequently, organizations have a list of values hanging on the walls and rarely self check to see if behaviors are aligning to the values or check for consistency in what those values mean everyone. Solidity offers a half day to a full day workshop on helping ensure there is alignment and consistency as it relates to your organization’s core values. Further this workshop is designed to reinforce communication around your organizational values.

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Intensive Coaching Competencies for Leader Success

More and more organizations are realizing the importance of coaching in order to develop their employees. Hiring new talent can be extremely expensive, and not developing the talent you have can cause employees to search for new opportunities outside of the organization. While there is a time and place for classroom training, it often does not ensure practical application and real experience takes place. Most learning occurs on the job. So how does an organization support the growth and development of its employees? One approach is to ensure the managers of the organization have the competencies required to coach their employees effectively and appropriately.

This multi-day course is designed for more intensively developing managerial coaching competencies. The manager coaching program will be held over the course of approximately six to eight months. This includes a total of six days of in class, instructor contact time. The six days will be broken down into one and two day sessions which will occur every four weeks. In between each session, managers will be given skills practice activities assigned at the end of each session. In addition to skills practice activities, the participants will engage in four, one-hour professional coaching sessions in between classroom sessions.

The method of instruction is blended, participant-centered learning. Participants will engage in individual, group, and partner learning. This includes experiential, problem-based, project-based, and team learning. Learning experiences will include teach-backs, reflection, discussions, interactive lecture, collaboration, and coaching (both in the role of coach and coachee) with the long-term goal of real-world application that results in life-changing coaching competencies.

Areas that will be explored in the program include participation in a personal style inventory and a multi-rater feedback assessment, exploring the self, emotional intelligence, dialogue and a formal model of coaching.

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Mentoring for Success

Mentoring is a key aspect in succession planning, knowledge transfer, and leader development. Mentoring relationships have great value for the mentee, the mentor, and the organization. Beginning these relationships can be tricky, particularly if role expectations are left undefined. This program focuses on how to navigate through the mentor-mentee relationship so all stakeholders, including the organization, gain the most from the experience. Solidity Consulting offers two programs. One program is designed for the mentor and one for the mentee. Some of the content between the two overlaps. We believe it is imperative each person in the mentoring partnership understand the perspective of the other. The primary difference between the two programs is content emphasis.

Mentoring for Success: Mentor

Solidity will conduct a one-day session with mentors.

At the completion of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Define mentoring.
  • Identify elements necessary for successful mentor-mentee match.
  • Recognize mentor and mentee responsibilities in the relationship.
  • Explore the art of questioning in a way that encourages growth and development.
  • Discover how to move through challenges and barriers in the mentoring relationship.
  • Successfully evolve the mentor-mentee relationship.


Mentoring for Success: Mentee

Solidity will conduct a one-day session with mentees.

At the completion of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Define mentoring.
  • Identify elements necessary for successful mentor-mentee match.
  • Recognize mentor and mentee responsibilities in the relationship.
  • Employ accountability and follow through in the role of mentee.
  • Explore ways to make the relationship mutually beneficial.
  • Successfully evolve the mentor-mentee relationship.
  • Create individual development plans that prepare them to enter a mentoring relationship.

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*Please call or email for more information and/or customizable workshops.

**On all workshops paid by credit card a 3.5% credit card fee will be applied to final quote.

***Workshop delivery is available at the location of the client’s choice. Facilities cost is approximately $600 per day unless provided by client.