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Registration now open for fall/winter coaching sessions.
Session begins November 13 , 2019.
Registration is open until January 15, 2020. 

Individual coaching is a one-on-one, confidential process with only the leader and the coach present. The initial process includes engagement and rapport building, leadership assessments, and feedback. After which, the leader and coach will engage in multiple sessions to establish goals, identify potential obstacles, and track progress. These sessions will also serve as accountability checkpoints. Below is a step by step process of what can be expected.

  1. Leader and Coach meet to determine compatibility, discuss purpose, and expectations of coaching.
  2. Leader and Coach engage in the assessment process. During this phase the leader will meet with the coach to discuss the process for successfully engaging in a multi-rater feedback assessment and a self-evaluation leadership assessment. The assessment process will require individualized work. The process will take approximately 3 weeks to complete.
  3. Assessment Feedback. Once the assessments are complete, the leader and coach will meet to review the results. Feedback will be provided in a candid, constructive manner allowing for increased self-awareness for the leader.
  4. Action Planning. After the feedback process, the leader creates a results-oriented action plan for positive change, with guidance from the coach.
  5. Accountability Coaching. During this phase of coaching, the action plans are implemented with support and accountability from the coach. This may include positive encouragement and at other times may include challenging the leader’s actions and behaviors.

The coaching process requires a minimum of seven sessions between the coach and leader. One session each for Steps 1-4, and three sessions for Step 5.

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