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Workshop Details

Date: December 18, 2019; 8:00 am – 4:30 pm
Location: Craig Family Camp
Cost: $350/participant
Cage Code: 7TD27

The Strategic Team Development workshop is designed to help create a cohesive team within your organization. Throughout these session(s), we will focus on gaining clarity regarding what is most important for the future of the organization and the department served. To most effectively achieve desired results for the organization, the guiding team must have directional clarity, demonstrate a unified front, and be committed to each other and the vision and values of the organization.

There are multiple versions of this workshop, depending on the needs of participants and the organization. This workshop is conducted in a one, two, or four-day format. The one- and two-day format are designed as booster sessions for teams and participants who have previously done team development efforts either in the four day workshop (described below) or in a similar, concentrated effort.

The four-day workshop consists of a total of 32 contact hours. First, a two-day session will be conducted. The purpose of this session is to begin building a cohesive team through identifying key interaction styles and areas of potential conflict, assessing trust and accountability perceptions, and determining opportunities for improved communication and productivity.

Following the two-day session, Solidity Consulting will conduct four, half-day sessions (or two one day sessions); one session occurring approximately every four to six weeks. The purpose of these sessions is to continue team development by working through real organizational issues. These sessions are designed to gain, communicate, and reinforce clarity regarding organizational values, capabilities, and opportunities.

The one- and two-day versions of this workshop focus on team development, clarity and alignment, and progress and performance evaluation.

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